Our craft beer refermented in the bottle , unfiltered and unpasteurised, has floral hints of rose and geranium , fruity peach and spicy coriander .

Many talk about it, but not everyone knows it. Our Blanche beer is easily recognizable by its appearance, first of all, because it does not have the classic golden yellow color but is much lighter and has an opalescent appearance.

The flavor of this type of beer is slightly acidic , fresh and spicy , with an almost imperceptible bitterness, a beer suitable for those who do not like the peculiar note of hops.

Blanche is a light beer much appreciated because it is particularly thirst-quenching.

Precisely because of these characteristics, of lightness and delicacy, our Blanche is perfect for the aperitif moment.

So the best way to accompany it is to serve it together with some appetizers .

But it can also go well with some light and unpretentious dishes , such as white meats or fish . But also fried foods , cheeses with compotes and honey, or some dry pastry desserts .

A note on which glass to use. Blanche beer should be served in glasses with a flared mouth, this is because the aromas and species must reach the nose easily.

May contain traces of nuts. Contains gluten

water, barley malt, wheat malt, flaked wheat, rye malt, sugar, hops, spices, citrus peel, yeast.

5.5% vol

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